New register of firework sellers in Derbyshire

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A public register of authorised firework stores has been launched by Derbyshire County Council ahead of this year’s bonfire night celebrations.

Four specialist outlets are licensed to sell fireworks all year round in Derbyshire but other fireworks retailers can only sell them from 15th October to 10th November.

A list of licensed outlets is now available at the county council’s website – - or from Call Derbyshire 08456 058 058.

Coun Kevin Parkinson, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “We want to make sure that everyone has a safe and successful bonfire celebration.

“Many people enjoy fireworks but they can be dangerous and cause nuisance if not stored and used safely.

“Shops must be licensed and cannot sell fireworks, including sparklers, to under 18s.

“Consumers can check our register to ensure that they’re buying fireworks from an outlet which is licensed and has been safety checked. Fireworks should not be sold from vehicles, market stalls or car boot sales.

“We are determined to stamp out illegal sales and would encourage members of the public to report anyone they think may be breaking the law. Fireworks supplied by unauthorised dealers may have failed safety checks and could be dangerous.”

The county council is also urging the public to remember the Firework Safety Code when using fireworks, particularly to follow the instructions marked on fireworks and that spectators are the required distance away.

Complaints about firework misuse in public places should be reported to the police – this includes the use of fireworks during the banned ‘night hours’ of 11pm to 7am, except on November 5 when the curfew begins at midnight.

Retailer advice and the Firework Safety Code can also be found at