New NHS logo row for Ashfield councillor

Ashfield Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Jason Zadrozny has been caught up in a fresh row about the use of the NHS logo.

The councillor had already been warned by NHS England not to use the health service’s logo after a previous complaint just two weeks ago, involving a survey which used health service branding.

But Chad has received new reports of residents complaining his campaign literature “attempts to mislead” and which they say suggests NHS endorsement of his campiagn .

Kirkby resident Norman Ramsden (69) said the leaflet ‘gave the outward impression of being from the NHS’.

He added: “It is not until you get well inside the leaflets that it becomes clear that it is a Lib Dem leaflet. These leaflets are an attempt to deceive.”

After last month’s row, Lib Dem officials said they would not apologise to the NHS.

This week, a party spokesman said: “This magazine was clearly imprinted and carried the contact details of councillor Zadrozny. Again, we will not apologise for talking about the issues that matter to local people. At a time when the election battle is hotting up here - it is important to talk about issues like the NHS. It is utterly ludicrous to again suggest that people were hoodwinked into thinking that a public body like the NHS would endorse a political candidate or party.”

He added it highlighted the work Coun Zadrozny, and other party members had done delivering the Government more doctor, nurses and investment in mental health.

A spokesperson for NHS England said: “Coun Zadronzy was asked to stop using the NHS logo on his survey, as the logo can only be used by NHS organisations, or on services and information that the NHS has had some involvement in. This is to protect the NHS from being seen as the source of materials that have not originated from the NHS.”