New memorial planned at County Hall

Plans are being considered for a new memorial to be located at the front of County Hall.

The memorial will honour the men and women who died in the Great War and other wars since as well as public servants in the police force, fire and ambulance services.

It will replace the existing mosaic at the front of County Hall which was laid 23 years ago and is in a poor state of repair.

The plans are in response to Government, Royal British Legion and public requests for the county to mark the centenary of the First World War in 2014.

Nottinghamshire County Council leader Kay Cutts said: “We will look at a number of designs that offer style and dignity and the centenary of the Great War is an ideal time to unveil it.

“The memorial will be a fitting tribute to the men and women of Nottinghamshire who have died in war or in public service.”

Designs are currently being put together by the county council’s Local Improvement Scheme team and will be considered in early 2013.