New Mansfield home for life saving dresses

Sandra Marshall at the original pop-up shop.
Sandra Marshall at the original pop-up shop.

Funds to save a Mansfield’s dads life who is battling a rare form of brain cancer are running low - but more money might be around the corner as a shop fund-raising for him by selling wedding dresses is given a new home.

Jack Sanders, 34, of Abbotts Croft, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumour five years ago.

There are a hundred wedding dresses for sale.

There are a hundred wedding dresses for sale.

After two rounds of surgery the dad-of-one has been receiving treatment in Germany which costs thousands-of-pounds per session.

Sandra Marshall, 65, his mum, has been selling the donated wedding dresses for £199 each from several pop-up shops in Mansfield and Sutton.

The new shop in Hanley Arcade, Mansfield, was given to Sandra by her second-cousin Hugh Kisby who saw her in your Chad and got in contact after not seeing her for 13 years.

She said: “It is very kind of him. We still have a hundred dresses to sell including some beautiful prom dresses. Which I wish I could fit into them, the prom dresses are priced for £40 to £50.”

The pop-up shop in Sutton.

The pop-up shop in Sutton.

The shop will be open until further notice on Wednesdays 10am -1pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10,30 am - 3pm.

How is Jack’s treatment going?

After vigorous treatment Jack’s tumour is sill growing.

Sandra has said the family is “trying to stay positive.”

She said: “We will not give in.”

It is possible that the family might have to spend thousands of pound to send Jack to receive surgery abroad if the NHS refuses to remove areas of the growing tumour.

Currently Jack has £5,000 left for his treatment which is enough for one more session of immunotherapy treatment in Germany.

So far £80,000 has been spent on Jack’s treatment abroad.

To donate money to Jack visit