New interactive board celebrates Woodhouse yards

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A new board has been unveiled depicting the many little alleyways within the conservation area of Mansfield Woodhouse.

The alleyways, known as yards, had houses built along their length, which formed right angles to the main thoroughfares.

Some yards were named after residents who had lived there for a long time or were prominent and well known in the area.

Funded by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme and supported by local councillor Joyce Bosnjak, the interpretation board in Market Place is dedicated to the memory of Tony Barton, the former Chairman of the Old Mansfield Woodhouse Society, who passed away in 2011.

A seat next to the board was also refurbished and dedicated to Mr Barton.

Coun Bosnjak, who attended the unveiling with members of the Mansfield Woodhouse Society, said: “The yards are such a feature of Mansfield Woodhouse that local people are delighted to see this interpretation board unveiled explaining in detail how so many of them came to be named.

“I’m sure the board will attract a lot of attention both from local residents and visitors alike.

“One of the key aims of the Local Improvement Scheme programme is to preserve the heritage of towns and villages across the county and this interpretation board will be a fascinating read for many local residents.”

Many of the yards were named after business people whose businesses were located there, such as Rouse’s Yard , after a builder, Jennings Yard, after a furniture dealer, and Jarman’s Yard, after a grocer.