New Idlewells store creating 30 jobs in Sutton

Idlewells Shopping Centre
Idlewells Shopping Centre

A new shop is set to take over the vacant Poundworld store in Idlewells Shopping Centre - creating 30 jobs.

Bargain Buys will be opening on Saturday, October 20, offering massive savings with its 'Store Opening Day Only Specials'.

it will be officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10am.

Sutton is the twenty-second Poundworld store Bargain Buys has taken over (creating over 500 jobs), with a few more stores opening to trade in the next week, employing over 120 people mostly from the recently closed Poundworld stores.

The shop will sell homeware, toiletries and top branded confectionery and drinks.

This store has recruited new members of staff from the area to become part of the Bargain Buys team; staff are also being retained from the previous Poundworld store.

Executive Chairman, Nadir Lalani, said: “We are pleased to be opening a brand new store to the people of Sutton with loads of fantastic branded products, all at bargain prices, and look forward to opening another 50 stores over the coming months, creating over 1,000 jobs.

“The team is working hard to deliver an outstanding shopping experience, great service, and an enjoyable shopping environment for all our new customers."”