New drive to cut car crime in area

MOTORISTS in Mansfield who leave valuables on show inside their vehicles will receive a letter from Nottinghamshire Police as part of a campaign to reduce thefts.

Beat teams throughout the county will be paying close attention to parked cars over the next few weeks in a bid to cut crime.

Officers will take down the vehicle’s details and will send a letter to the owner highlighting the dangers of leaving items on show, as well as some simple but effective crime prevention advice.

Said Supt Mike Manley: “Many people seem to think it’s fine to leave their belongings on show inside their vehicles.

“In fact, a passing thief would think nothing of taking just a few seconds to smash a window to get their hands on valuables.

“By alerting people who have left items on show, we can hopefully make them aware of their mistakes and change their ways before they become victims of theft.

“This is a preventative tactic and by making a few small changes, people can dramatically reduce the likelihood their cars will be broken into.”

Despite incidents of thefts from vehicles falling by 25 per cent between October 2010 to September 2011, police are keen to reduce incidents even further in the run up to Christmas.

Throughout October police recorded 517 incidents where vehicles were broken into across the county.

Items stolen included laptops, stereos, speakers, and sat navs.

Extra police patrols are being mounted in hotspot areas, with officers offering crime prevention advice to motorists.

Motorists should ensure their vehicles are secure and windows are not left open.

No items should be left on show inside and drivers may also consider leaving their glove boxes open to show any passing thieves that there’s nothing inside the car to steal.