New contact details for Family Imformation Services

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New contact details have been set up for anyone who requires details on Family Information Services in Early Years and Early Intervention.

Parents as well as members of the public, providers of services and professionals working with children and families can telephone 08449 808080 or email

Nottinghamshire County Council aims to ensure that access to high quality, accurate and timely information is available on:



Children’s and family services, facilities and publications advice, assistance and brokerage services for disabled children

Justine Gibling, Nottinghamshire County Council’s group manager early years and early intervention, said: “Our customer service centre deals with a range of enquiries regarding family services including information regarding schools, childcare, family activities and support with accessing payments and advice.

“This can now be assessed with one simple phone call. In addition, the Early Years and Early Intervention services are able to offer face to face advice through local Children’s Centres as well as Libraries or Youth Centres.”