New bus station drives up passenger satisfaction levels

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Ninety two per cent of passengers are happy with local bus services - up from 60 per cent being satisfied with services before the new Mansfield Bus Station was built.

A report by Nottinghamshire County Council’s annual passenger survey in Mansfield, measured performance and satisfaction with bus services and facilities.

Town bus shelters display information posters giving details about local bus services and other nearby facilities, and Mansfield Bus Station offers passengers useful information such as timetables for local bus routes and an electronic journey planning kiosk.

Ninety five per cent of passengers rated the provision of information as good or very good.

The bus station has 16 bays fitted with Real Time information displays, along with a further 14 Real Time information displays at bus stops in the town centre, taking away some of the uncertainties related to bus travel.

Eighty six per cent of passengers said they would welcome more real time information displays in the town.

And passengers said they thought the bus station was clean and tidy - with ninety eight per cent of passengers rating the appearance of the bus station as good or very good in terms of its maintenance and cleanliness.

Mansfield mayor Kate Allsop said “Mansfield passengers have given local bus services and facilities their seal of approval.

“The investment in bus services is great news for the people of Mansfield. Bus travel is a key part of local people’s day to day activities, whether it’s travelling to work, school or college, heading into town, going shopping, visiting family and friends or just enjoying the district’s parks and open spaces.

“Bus travel is a lifeline for many of our older residents and being able to get out and about makes all the difference to them. Having clear, up to date information about bus times, well maintained bus shelters, improved punctuality and an overall better journey benefit all passengers.”

“Decent bus travel makes things much more pleasant for passengers and I look forward to future improvements being worked on by the County Council.”

Pete Mathieson, team manager of Nottinghamshire County Council’s environment and resource team said the results were ‘encouraging’.

​He said:“These are very encouraging results for passenger satisfaction, particularly the 92 per cent of passengers who said they were happy with the town’s bus services - as this is the annual survey’s highest ever rating for this question.”