New £250,000 flood scheme for Rainworth

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The risk of flooding on newly-built estates in Rainworth could soon be alleviated, thanks to a £250,000 scheme.

Workmen have been on the site of Kirklington Road, near the junction of Sherwood Road, for three weeks as work begins to sort out the probleem.

During periods of heavy rainfall, highway surface water pumped from low-lying areas in Rainworth contributed to the flooding of the highway at the Kirklington Road/Sherwood Road junction.

This flood water gathers at a low point on Kirklington Road and tends to spill over the northern kerb line into the newly-constructed housing estates.

A small number of properties on The Hay Fields were left under inches of water following the recent summer storms.

In order to alleviate the problem, Nottinghamshire County Council is installing a 200-metre-long run of 1,200mm diameter pipes below Kirklington Road that will be connected to the existing highway drainage system.

These pipes will act as a storage tank that will hold storm water during heavy rainfall.

Stored water will be released back into existing highway drainage system via a hydrobrake which will regulate the flow from the storage pipes at a rate of 80 litres per second ensuring that the downstream highway drainage is not overwhelmed.

The storm water eventually outfalls into Rainworth water some 2,000m further downstream.

The scheme also involves the replacement and upsizing of existing highway drains immediately upstream of the Rainworth Water Outfall.

Work will take 12 weeks to complete which includes a six-week closure of Kirklington Road.

Rainworth district councillor, Linda Tift, said the road closure had caused some concern, including confusion over diversion signs, traffic being diverted through the heavily-populated Westbrook Drive area and the amount of HGVs using estate roads.

However, she said it was work that is required: “Everybody accepts it has got to be done, with the new estates the drains can’t cope.