Neighbours fight to stop eviction of Huthwaite man

Dean Dudley who is under threat of eveiction from his Huthwaite home of 25 years
Dean Dudley who is under threat of eveiction from his Huthwaite home of 25 years

A HUTHWAITE man whose neighbours collected a petition urging housing bosses to let him stay in his home after the death of his partner has been issued with a notice to quit the property.

Ashfield Homes has written to Dean Dudley informing him that legal action will be taken against him if he does not leave his Oakland Avenue home by 10th October.

The tenancy agreement of the house was in Dean’s partner, Deborah Richardson’s name, but when she recently passed away aged 49, he requested succession of tenancy.

Despite the fact he has lived at the address on and off for around 25 years and permanently for the last five, Ashfield Homes said that there was no record of him living there and he was not registered there for council tax or housing benefit purposes.

The company ruled that he could not succeed the tenancy and told him to look for alternative accommodation.

Neighbours rallied round and signed a petition urging Ashfield Homes to reconsider.

But now Mr Dudley has received a letter telling him that he has ‘no right to occupy the property’ and the tenancy will be brought to an end on 10th October when Ashfield Homes will inspect the house.

Said Dean (45): “I have got nowhere to move out to.

“I dare not leave the house - it’s got to the stage where I dare not leave my house in case they board it all up. It’s turning me into a recluse.”

Mr Dudley has had an appointment at the Sutton Property Shop to seek advice about his situation but needs a property suitable for himself, his daughter Justine (24) and his two dogs.

He is desperate to stay in the family home and said that his GP at Huthwaite Surgery has even written a letter informing Ashfield Homes that according to their records he has lived in the house for more than 20 years.

“I just really don’t want to be homeless,” said Dean, who has been put on medication because of the worry the situation is causing him.

“I have two dogs, a child and a lot of memories in this house.”

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero has also taken up Dean’s case but she has had to write again to Ashfield Homes after receiving no reply to her first letter.

Kelly Scott, assistant director of Housing Services at Ashfield Homes, said that they will pursue legal action through the courts if Mr Dudley does not vacate the property by 10th October.

“The proper legal process will be followed prior to any eviction and Mr Dudley will have a right to respond in that process,” he said.

“Our investigations have highlighted that Mr Dudley does not meet the succession criteria for this property.

“Any written evidence received will be carefully considered but, to date, no such evidence has been received by us, to require us to review the decision that has been made.”

He added that Dean is eligible for a two-bed property and has been offered an appointment with the Housing Options Team of Ashfield District Council to discuss his housing needs further.