NEGLECTED DOG: Mansfield council responds to care of '˜Rolo' the Labrador

Mansfield District Council is to review its dog control service after taking in a 'badly neglected' chocolate Labrador this month.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 1:30 pm
Updated Friday, 18th March 2016, 1:31 pm
Rolo the dog has been taken in by the East Midlands Labrador Rescue Centre after he was abandoned in Mansfield in a "poor condition" with a large tumour on the back of his neck. Image shows Rolo after the oeration to have his tumour removed.

The dog, now known as Rolo, was found as a stray at Garibaldi School, Forest Town, and was taken to the council’s kennels on March 4.

The council have launched the review in light of the rare case of Rolo’s condition, and also due to the amount of public response since Rolo was handed over to the East Midlands Labrador Rescue Centre.

A council spokesman said Rolo was seen by a vet the following day and was judged at as “not needing anti-biotics or emergency treatment”.

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The vet concluded that a tumour on his neck was a longstanding condition.

The dog was also scanned and found to have a microchip- and the council made several attempts to contact the owners, including visiting their property where a seizure notice was posted through the letter box.

This notice tells the person named on it that the council has their dog and they need to get in touch with the council about this.

After seeing the vet and being given an anti-virus vaccination, Rolo was transferred to a licensed rehoming centre where he remained for a further six days.

During this time he was fed, looked after, walked and was monitored by the staff there. The council did not receive any further communication from the centre about Rolo’s condition.

A council spokesman said no one came forward during the seven days Rolo was in the care of the council to claim the dog.

After six days, Rolo was transferred into the care of East Midlands Labrador Rescue where he underwent surgery to remove his tumour.

He is now recovering before being put up for adoption.

The council’s Portfolio Holder for Public Protection Cllr Mick Barton said: “It is rare for us to be faced with a dog in this kind of condition and we have learned from this series of events.

“But it must also not be forgotten that Rolo was, in the first place, effectively abandoned while in a bad way by his original owners and there are questions of neglect here which we hope will be followed up by the RSPCA.

“If dog owners are facing large vet bills which they are struggling to afford there are charities, such as the PDSA, which have schemes to help owners in financial hardship. Just abandoning a dog in these circumstances is not a responsible way to behave.”

As part of the review, the council is changing the way it communicates with the overnight kennel and rescue centre.

This is so that in cases where a dog has a medical condition or is injured, the council can be kept better informed about its condition.

The council is asking that those caring for a dog on its behalf to supply the Dog Control Service with regular photographs where a dog is injured or sick.

It is also clarifying the terms of its contracts with its suppliers within the service.

In addition, the council has agreed to pay £200 to East Midlands Labrador Rescue to cover the cost of Rolo’s treatment.

The council has reported the matter to the RSPCA to investigate as a possible issue of neglect by the dog’s original owners.

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