Nearly 10,000 homes may be built in Mansfield over next 20 years

Mansfield New Housing
Mansfield New Housing

NEARLY 10,000 new homes could be built across Mansfield over the next 20 years, the district council has confirmed.

A target of 391 homes each year will be built up until 2031 as part of Mansfield District Council’s Core Strategy which sets the long term vision for future development.

Land for a further 1,564 homes has also been identified and could be used for houses if the economy and building rates improve to such a degree that additional land is necessary.

The Coalition Government announced plans to scrap the Regional Spacial Strategy (RSS) which had set a target of 530 new homes per year.

The decision to select the new target follows a consultation, which took place between December 20th last year and January 31st this year, with residents, businesses, developers and other interested parties.

Each were asked to select their preferred level of development from one of four options, or propose an alternative.

Over 550 people responded with 28 per cent selecting the base level (221 homes) and 28 per cent opting for the highest level (555 homes).

A number of presentations about new homes have also been given to schools and youth groups. Ideas and comments from a youth debate in February were then passed on to the council for consideration.

All councils have been told by Government to set targets for housing growth and have been encouraged to be ‘pro-growth’ and ‘pro-development’, particularly in relation to job creation.

At a Mansfield District Council meeting last year, councillors favoured the highest option of 11,100 new homes between 2011 and 2031 – an average of 555 dwellings per year.

After considering input from the public consultation, the council decided on the medium level approach.

The council said this reflects the Government’s growth projections and will help to meet predicted future housing need.

It was also considered to better reflect the balance between the needs for development and the protection of the environment.

Mansfield mayor Tony Egginton said: “This is a positive figure which gives us the support for growth tied in with economic development and job opportunities.”