Narrative verdict in the death of former Mansfield soldier

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A coroner has said today during an inquest that evidence was ‘not sufficiently clear’ that Mansfield former soldier Ashley Clarkson had intended to end his life.

Nottinghamshire deputy coroner Heidi Connor delivered a narrative verdict at the hearing following the untimely death of the 23-year-old in March 2012.

Ex-Royal Logistic Corps private, had been found hanging at his home on Clifford Street by his girlfriend Chloe.

The day-long inquest, in which numerous witnesses were called, heard that Mr Clarkson had suffered from anxiety and depression, caused by numerous factors including the death of close family and friends, and the horrors of what he witnessed while on tour of Iraq during his time in the army.

However, the army deemed a ‘low risk’ in terms of suicidal thoughts by the time he was discharged from the army in 2011.

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