Mystery fireball seen over Nottinghamshire skies

A ‘huge fireball’ was seen in the skies above Nottinghamshire last night.

Monday, 27th April 2015, 5:25 pm
Watch the skies. Many people reported seeing the fireball

The sighting was one of many of a mystery object in the skies above the UK last night.

Eyewitness Allison Darling said: “It was a bright light, white coloured, quite low in the sky.

“We were north on the M1, the light was ahead and to the left.

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“My first thought was it could have been a meteor, but I doubted it because it was so low.

“It was too white and fast moving to have been a firework or Chinese lantern.”

The fireball was also reportedly seen by people in Ireland, Scotland, and Yorkshire.

So far there has been no confirmation as to what the object was, but the most likely causes would be a meteor or piece of space debris entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

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