Music studio ‘gives everyone a chance’

Feature on Outram Street Arts and Media Studio, pictured is studio manager Danny Draycott
Feature on Outram Street Arts and Media Studio, pictured is studio manager Danny Draycott

The music industry is notoriously difficult to get a big break, but a local music studio has changed the face of that for residents in the area,

Since its opening last March, The Outram Street Recording and Media Studios in the heart of Sutton has launched the careers of many budding musicians.

Danny Draycott is the studio manager and has been proud of its success.

He said: “We try and give everyone a chance. It’s a stepping stone for people as it gives them vital experience. It can be really tough to get into the industry without experience. A person might have the qualifications, but without experience it is very difficult. It can be a vicious circle so we want to try and break that trend so people can get to do what they love.”

The studio is owned by EVE Trades CIC which is affiliated with Framework Housing Association.

Eve Trades is a community interest company which means that profits are invested into recruiting volunteers in order to give people vital experience in the music industry.

Teenager Jake Mayhew completed work experience and has since gone on to study music at Leeds University.

He said: “I learned a great deal with regards to recording music and have since taken the principles and used them in my own demo recordings.

“It also opened my eyes to all of the different roles and jobs in the music industry other than being an artist. It also has made me much more confident in my own abilities and has also raised my confidence in myself in every day life.”

The studio also runs six-week vocal lessons - for just £2.

Mr Draycott said: “The aim of the studio is to offer the best recording possible at the lowest cost so that the recording becomes more accessible to a wider range of people and involves people in the arts.

“We also look to support the local music scene and build this in the local area.”

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