Mum-to-be wants injured Mansfield cat to find owners or be re-homed

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After seeing a cat drag her injured self out of the path of traffic a mum-to-be returning from hospital stopped the car to rescue it and now wants the moggy be rehomed.

Samantha Walker, was heading home on Sunday, January 17 when she saw cars swerving on Abbot Road.

The 19-year-old from Woodborough Road who was due to give birth just days later said: “There was a cat dragging itself off the road and with only being able to use her front legs her bottom half was dragging, so my godmother, who was driving, found a safe place to turn around and park up.”

They got out of the car and started looking for the cat which they found in a field.

“I approached her and she started hissing and me and cowered down very scared! I showed her I wasn’t going to hurt her and slowly picked her up with a tea towel and then I walked back over the field and to the car.”

The duo then rang the RSPCA after returning home and were told to take the cat to Alfreton Park Veterinary Hospital where it was deemed she was a stray by the state of her fur.

She added: “We got a call that evening to say that she is doing fine, she’s been clipped as her fur was in very bad condition with rock solid matted on her back. They said she had been cleaned and fed and was recovering.

“I am unsure of what will happen now but I hope she finds her home or gets re-homed.”