Mum’s heartbreak after thieves target baby grave

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A mum has shared her heartbreak after “sick” thieves stole mementoes and Christmas decorations from her baby’s daughter’s grave.

Alysha Angell, of, Sutton, died from organ failure on in February 2005 – just three days after she was born by caesarean section.

Mum Lisa Angell says items have been going missing from her baby’s grave including Christmas decorations and other trinkets ever since she was laid to rest and says she has “had enough”.

Alysha died after suffering blood loss after her birth at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton.

And, as if this was not heartbreaking enough , items have been regularly taken from her grave at Sutton Cemetery,on Huthwaite Road – and Lisa estimates there have been at least two or three incidents in the last 12 years from her daughter’s plot alone.

Christmas decorations, including a small reindeer and Santa figurines were taken last week – and went missing again days after Lisa replaced them.

Lisa said: “It’s not just happening to me, there’s other things going missing from nearby graves too. This is where we come to remember her and I want it to look nice.”

The distraught mum said she has complained to Ashfield District Council, which manages the cemetery, multiple times, but nothing has been done.

Lisa said: “I’ve had enough. It upsets my family. It is heartbreaking. We can’t buy Christmas presents for her, and this is her place of rest where we go to show she is loved. It’s just sick, especially to keep doing it again and again.

Lisa said she even writes Alysha’s name on items she takes to the graves to try to deter thieves.

She is now asking other visitors to the cemetery to keep an eye out for the thieves

Lisa said: “I just want to ask people to keep an eye out for anyone taking things.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The council takes anti-social behaviour seriously and does not condone behaviour like this, particularly in our cemeteries. The council is working with the family and looking at ways to stop thefts like this happening.”