Mum’s fury at lack of help

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An Ashfield mum said she was horrified when her son suffered an epileptic seizure in a Sutton restaurant –and claims not one staff member came to help.

Amy Mumford posted about her experience on Facebook this week.

She said she was in KFC on Forest Street when the incident happened on Friday September 1, at about 11.15am.

She said: “Jacob started to have a violent tonic clonic seizure which lasted seven-and-a-half minutes.

“It caused him to go unconscious and he was sick.

“I had my daughter Maisie, who is four, with me.

“While I was on the phone to 999, they asked for a postcode or name of the road. I started to shout can anybody help me please, I need some information, but not one staff member came over until we were leaving in the back of the ambulance

“They said they didn’t realise – maybe they should check their CCTV.

“Safe to say I will never set foot in that place again.”

Amy said luckily her friend Amy Hanson was outside by chance and rushed in to help

She said: “I will be taking this further – it is shameful, they were more bothered about serving customers.”

A KFC spokesman said: “We care about the wellbeing of all our customers, so we were sorry to hear about this.

“We’re looking into exactly what happened, but have been in touch with Amy in the meantime and are sorting a date for her and Jacob to visit our Ashfield restaurant soon to enjoy a meal on us.”