Mum’s bid to buy Myah a new eye

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A Mansfield Woodhouse mum has launched a fundraising campaign to help her toddler get a new prosthetic eye.

Two-year-old Myah was born with a rare genetic condition called micropthamia, small eye syndrome, which meant her right eye never developed and she was born without one.

She has been through major surgery over the past two years to expand the socket so her face would not be misshapen.

However, her current false eye is now too small and is constantly giving Myah infections.

Mum Lauren Burrows, who runs Myah’s Beautique beauty salon on Portland Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, said: “Myah really needs a new prosthetic eye as she grows and her current one is making her poorly all the time.

“ There’s been lots of trips to A&E at hospital because I can’t get her temperature down.”

Myah has to have daily antibiotics and three lots of eye drops to ward off infection.

Lauren said the new eye, which will be made by a private specialist, will change Myah’s life for the better.

The 30-year-old said: “It will help her be more confident.

“The NHS one she has had was fantastic but it keeps getting infected. This one will look and fit better, and it won’t irritate her as much.

Doctors told Lauren that Myah might take longer to walk than other children, but she has beaten the odds and not only walking, but dancing, reading and writing already.

Lauren said: “Nothing fazes Myah.

“Things have been quite tough for us, but she really is the happiest little girl and I’m hoping people will come together to help us out.

“She has just been getting on with things, but I really want the best for her.”

Lauren is holding a garden party fundraiser for Myah on Saturday, August 12, at The Star pub, on Warsop Road, Mansfield Woodhouse.

Highlights at the event, which starts at 1.30pm, include bouncy castles, live music and face painting.

There will also be an auction where bidders can get their hands on a glove signed by boxer Frank Bruno, tickets to a meet and greet with former England football star Alan Shearer and a signed Mansfield Town football shirt.

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