Mum crashed into bailiffs after fleeing

A Hucknall mum was so scared when bailiffs came knocking at her door that she fled and didn’t return home for several days, a court heard.

But as she drove off, she crashed into the bailiffs’ Ford Transit van, causing £1,000 of damage to the vehicle.

And she ended up at Nottingham Magistrates Court, charged with failing to stop at an accident and failing to report an accident.

Mother-of-two Rachel Wadsley (34), of Falcon Way, pleaded guilty to the two offences, which happened on Wednesday 24th July.

Dan Pietryka (prosecuting) told the court that a debt-collecting firm visited Wadsley’s home at 7.40am because she owed money to the council.

“When interviewed by the police, she said she was angry and frightened, and didn’t cause the damage deliberately,” said Mr Pietryka.

Emma Wyborn (defending) said Wadsley was in a panic when the bailiffs came to her door.

“She hadn’t long fled a violent relationship and was trying to rebuild herself. She felt initimidated and was suffering from anxiety.

“She was struggling financially and was so scared that she didn’t return to the house for a number of days because she feared it would be completely empty of furniture.”

As it happened, said Miss Wyborn, this was not the case and when Wadsley did go back, she co-operated fully with the police.

“She has now taken her head out of the sack and tackled her debts head on,” Miss Wyborn continued.

“All her arrears are cleared and everything is sorted out. She has been battling depression and anxiety, but is no longer on medication. She is coping very well.”

The magistrates fined Wadsley £110, and ordered her to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20. Seven points were added to her driving licence.