Muddy-water-gate prompts protest in Notts village

'Mudgate continues' says a councillor as trucks continue to traipse dirt through Huthwaite.
'Mudgate continues' says a councillor as trucks continue to traipse dirt through Huthwaite.

Protesters have vowed to come out in demonstration against lorries trailing mud through their Ashfield village

Residents in Huthwaite thought they had won a battle to clean up their town after a fortnight of misery caused by lorries trawling mud through the streets, spraying dirt on houses, cars and causing some slip in the road.

The mud is caused by a convoy of trucks carrying material onto Brierley Forest Golf Club, and after petitioning by local councillors for the golf club to employ a wheel washer, councillor Lee Anderson says no such washer has been installed, and the 'mudgate' has continued.

He is now rallying residents to join a protest outside the golf course to block the lorries in their path.

Coun Anderson said: "Enough is enough. We said we would wait and see if the club put in the wheel washers and we gave them a chance, but nothing has changed.

"It turns out there is no wheel wash there at all so now it is the time for action. I will be organising a residents demo for the coming week."

The owner of Brierley Forest Golf Club Andrew Phantom responded: "On Tuesday October 15 the road sweeper provided by the contractors, Leedale, on a a daily basis did not arrive until 11 am. This created a three-hour build-up of mud during that morning. I spoke with my local counciller Lee Anderson to explain the situation and he called me two days later to thanks me for dealing with the matter satisfactorily.

Brierley Forest Golf Club is a community conscious club. One good example of this is my decision to allow parents dropping off and collecting children at St John David school to park for free whilst the new school was being built."

I look forward to advertising the opening our new par-three golf course in 2017 which will supplement our current initiative of free membership for children under the age of sixteen.

When pressed on the issue of wheel washing he said: "This is a historic issue and I'm satisfied it's resolved. There a road sweeper every day - there aren't any delivers on site at the moment so there's no wheel washers in place. We haven't had deliveries for six days because to the wet conditions and we will be starting deliveries again from tomorrow.

Mr Phantom guaranteed that when deliveries resume on the site, wheel washing will be active.