MPs’ expenses: Public lack of trust

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In rely to Sir Alan Meal’s letter in the Chad, October 2, relating to expenses, it is commendable Sir Alan that you do not claim for food.

However is it not a true fact that all our 649 memers of Parliament are allowed to claim £100 per week for food allowance?

Under those circumstances is it not understandable that such people as pensioners who get £107.45 per week total to exist upon, feel a little aggrieved? The reason that many MPs are attacked is because the general public does not trust them anymore.

Many have lost their trust and respect for our Members of Parliament. Many Members of Parliament will promise the electorate the world, just to get elected. Sadly once elected the attitude of many seems to be I’m all right, Jack.

The general public feels frustrated. We read about having 2.5 million unemployed. Yet, still tens of thousands of asylum seekers arriving here monthly.

We read about 3 million children living in poverty. We read about food banks opening up in all towns.

We read about our old age pensioners dreading old age and having to make the decision: heating or eating?

Then we read about our Members of Parliament begging other countries to accept billions of pounds in our taxes in aid money!

Personally Sir Alan, I just want what everyone else wants. Any Government that will just for once put British people first, they will have my vote, and millions more. For a start ‘GREAT’ Britain was made GREAT by millions of our pensioners. Is it not now the time to say, thank you to them by giving them a decent pension?

John Naylor

Forest Town