MP will seek advice about Ollerton earthquakes

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has said he will continue to seek advice from the British Geological Survey over the large number of small tremors in the Ollerton area recently.

Tuesday, 25th March 2014, 8:10 am

A report by the survey showed there have been 82 small earthquakes in and around the town since mid-December last year.

A spokesman for the survey said Ollerton was an area with a history of seismic activity related to coal mining and the recent seismic activity was consistent with this.

But Mr Spencer said: “What my residents are saying is we have been mining in Edwinstowe for 80 years and in Ollerton for 50 years so we need a bit more explanation as to the cause.

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“I think people are fairly relaxed as long as they are explainable and they do not get more intense.

“But I want to make sure the tremors are not going to cause any structural damage to properties rather than just hope that is the case.”

The survey spokesman added: “The earthquakes have all been small, with magnitudes of less than 2.0 ML (local magnitude). The largest have had magnitudes of 1.8 ML.

“Many of the tremors have been felt by local residents. But typically the strength of shaking experienced has been weak and some of the events were only just perceptible.

“Earthquakes of this size are not likely to cause any damage and the hazard from mining induced seismicity in the UK is typically low.”

Said Mr Spencer: “I see it as my role to get reassurances from the survey.”

If you have any concerns please email Mark at [email protected]