MP to chat about FE and manufacturing

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Manufacturing and Higher Education will be on the agenda when leading Lib Dem MP Tim Farron comes to Ashfield.

Mr Farron will be coming to support Jason Zadrozny, the party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in May’s General Election. The Constituency of Ashfield is high on the Liberal Democrat target list.

He said, “I am delighted to be visiting Ashfield. With less than 100 days to go till the General Election - it’s one of the most marginal seats in Britain. It’s a key seat for our party with only 192 votes separating the Lib Dems and Labour out of nearly 50,000. Two of my interests are higher education and manufacturing. That’s why I am so pleased to be visiting Sutton Academy and Stoke’s Paints, Huthwaite.”

The Liberal Democrat Foreign and Commonwealth Affair’s spokesman will be also launching his petition to get the Chilcott Inquiry published before the General Election. Tim said, “I know that Nottinghamshire people, like the rest of Britain want to know the truth about invading Iraq. That’s why the Chilcot Report is so important. It is incomprehensible to the British public that such an important report should be delayed.”

Jason Zadrozny said, “Tim is one of the finest campaigners in the party and for him to come here is a great boost for us. He’s always taken a great interest in our area - that’s why we are pleased to visit Stoke’s Paint and Sutton Academy.”