MP says he will accept £7,000 wage increase

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has said he would accept the controversial pay rise being proposed for elected members.

MPs across Britain are set to be handed a £7,000 annual pay rise, which has drawn heavy criticism, with many saying they would give the cash to charity.

But Mr Spencer says he would not be doing that, adding: “MPs don’t do themselves any favour by talking about it.

“MPs got themselves into a real mess with expenses a few years ago, and the result of that was for it to be decided by an independent body, which was the right thing to do.

“I will accept what they say.

“We should be the last people deciding our own pay. Whatever the wage is, I will do the job, whether the wage goes up or goes down.

“There has been proposals to cut the pension rights and expenses, we should stop whinging and get on with it.”

In contrast, Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale has told Chad that he would give his controversial pay rise to charity.

He said: “I’m against the raise, if it is imposed I will just give it away, I’m not interested in it. There are six charities that I’ve promised it to, and this won’t be a one off, I would do this for my whole term.

“I’ll make sure they get the money every year. I don’t think we should get it.”

Ashfield MP, Gloria De Piero, labelled the proposed pay rise as ‘totally wrong and totally immoral’ urging others to reject it or give it away.

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has said that MPs pay should rise by 10 per cent from £67,060 to £74,000.

Reports indicate that although Prime Minister David Cameron was against the rise, he would accept it.