MP pledges pay rise to schools and colleges

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero
Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero has been named by a national newspaper as one of only 26 MPs who have donated their pay rise to charity.

The politicians were given a salary rise of £7,000 after the General Election in May – taking their salary to £74,000 a year, up from £67,000.

There was much criticism of the increase, including by some MPs themselves and 69 MPs pledged not to take the money and to give it away to good causes.

However research by The Sun has shown that only 26 of these have followed through on their promise – and Gloria De Piero is one of them.

The Labour MP said: “I was quite clear from the start.

“When IPSA, the independent body that decides how much MPs get paid, pushed ahead with the 10 per cent rise, I said I would take a 1 per cent rise in line with other public sector workers and I’ve stuck to my word.

“I’m giving away the rest – which is £347.13 a month or £4,165.56 a year – to schools that have sixth forms and further education colleges in Ashfield and Eastwood.

“It won’t go very far, but it will help make a difference to some youngsters going on to university to help pay toward books and other costs.

“The schools and colleges will be able to nominate one student each to receive the cash who would have qualified for the former student maintenance grants which the Tories have scrapped.”

Other MPs who have given away their pay rise include former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and leading Labour MP Yvette Cooper.