MP launching survey on future of Clipstone headstocks

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

We have had a really busy start to the new year here in Sherwood, with lots planned for the next few months, writes Mark Spencer MP.

Recently, I organised a large litter pick in Rainworth, which was a really positive community event.

Mark Spencer want local residents to decide on the futue of Clipstone Headstocks. Photo: Angela Ward

Mark Spencer want local residents to decide on the futue of Clipstone Headstocks. Photo: Angela Ward

My next two are in Hucknall and Halam, if you’re interested please do feel free to get in touch.

This month I have launched my Clipstone headstocks survey which has been sent out to every resident of Clipstone, Kings Clipstone and Cavendish Park.

The survey asks residents a simple question, if they want the headstocks to be demolished or remain standing.

I’m urging every Clipstone resident to vote in this survey and hopefully, it will answer the question of Clipstone headstocks once and for all.

I’ve also been working with Highways and local councillor Bruce Laughton in Farnsfield, Edingley, Kirklington and Halam to try to resolve a few issues around the local roads.

I’m pleased to say, we’re making progress, and I’ll be updating residents regarding this over the coming weeks.

In Edwinstowe I’ve been working with local campaigner Scott Carlton to try and secure CCTV on the High Street.

We’ve made some huge steps forward with that we will be out over the next few weeks making sure residents are kept up to date with everything.

Much of this constituency is ex-mining towns and villages.

To that end, I’ve organised a lung function summit meeting to support ex-miners with a variety of lung conditions.

I’m working with the Union of Democratic Mineworkers and a number of health care professionals, so will keep residents up to date with its outcome.

Finally, make sure you wrap up warm, and be careful on the roads.

We’re getting a lot of ice this winter, and there’s more cold spells forecast, so please make sure that you take care if you’re out.