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MP can’t wait to spend the summer meeting the people again

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

So now that Westminster and Parliament is over for the summer I’m absolutely thrilled that i get to do more of my favourite part of being an MP, which is getting out and about in our community and meeting local people, writes Mansfield MP Ben Bradley.

Not having to spend four days a week in London means I can spend more time in Mansfield and I’ve got a busy summer planned.

Just a few days in I’ve already been to visit Mansfield Town’s fantastic youth academy to find out what opportunities exist for local kids, and how the new training centre near Pleasley can boost those opportunities even further.

I’ve topped up my first aid knowledge with Mansfield First Aid Ltd of Warsop, along with my entire office team who are all now up to speed and qualified.

I’ve been to meet and speak with the Rotary Club and spent loads more time out knocking on doors and talking to local residents along with my team.

I’ve got some big plans for the coming weeks too, including spending a day on the wards at Kingsmill with nursing staff to really get to grips with the work they do and the challenges they face.

I am visiting local students on National Citizen Service and helping them with a Dragon’s Den-style event, as well as the launch of a new mental health cafe, meeting drug charities to find out more about the work they are doing on Mamba and Spice.

And of course, there’ll loads more knocking on doors and talking to residents.

I hope to be popping up in the supermarket whilst you’re doing your shopping too at my roaming surgeries, giving you chance to raise local issues there and then.

All in all I’m really looking forward to a summer in Mansfield and to continuing to meet more local people.

My amazing team is out every day listening to residents and I hope to join them as often as possible. London is great of course and a hugely important part of my job, though it’s very intense at the minute with so much going on over Brexit.

But boy it’s good to spend more time here in Nottinghamshire.