MP calls 'secret' plans 'odd' as Mansfield is cut from the deal

MP Ben Bradley
MP Ben Bradley

The MP for Mansfield has spoken out after a embargoed plan was leaked - stating that Nottingham and Derby might be joining together as a metro.

The plans to create a ‘unified metropolitan area’ could see large areas of both counties – Amber Valley, Ashfield, Broxtowe, Derby, Erewash, Gedling, Nottingham, Rushcliffe and South Derbyshire – swallowed up and lumped together into a huge new authority.

But, Mansfield, Shirebrook and Newark will not be involved in any plans which are said to have 'enormous' potential.

While the plans are said to strengthen the bond between the two cities and create 'inclusive growth' it could also lead to a major reshuffle of the local political system.

Mansfield's MP, Ben Bradley, said: "It is very odd.

"What on earth is the district meant to do if support is dragged into the city - more than it already is.

"It doesn't make sense - it is excluding Newark and Mansfield the two biggest towns in the county."

Nottinghamshire County Council has since branded the plan as 'misleading' and has said it does not support it.

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Mr Bradley said: "With what the council is saying since I think it is unlikely to happen.

"To me the answer is not a metro structure but a unitary one supporting the whole county."
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A spokesman from Nottingham City Council has said: “In April, Derby and Nottingham City Councils launched the Metro Strategy.

“We then asked Metro Dynamics to explore the potential of the Nottingham Derby economy The report, The Economic Case for the Derby-Nottingham Metro, is not due to be published until next week, at which point the two City Councils will review the findings, and of course work together with other council colleagues.

“As part of the development of the Metro Strategy, County Councils were consulted. We are happy to work with any councils that want to be involved in a coalition of the willing.”