MP calls for changes to who can enforce dangerous parking rules

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer is campaigning for changes to Nottinghamshire's parking enforcement rules.

Monday, 6th June 2016, 3:51 pm
Updated Monday, 6th June 2016, 4:53 pm
Sherwood MP Mark Spencer is campaigning to have dangerous parking rules changed.

He says that changes to the structure of policing mean that inconsiderate and dangerous parking can often go unpunished.

The MP told Chad: “At the minute almost nobody is actually able to police dangerous parking or issue fines and tickets.

“Only fully warranted Police Officers can do it, not PCSOs or Council Officers. When you actually look at what that means, for most areas of my constituency there is only one person who can issue fines for dangerous parking in entire towns and Districts.

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Hucknall for example has 27,000 people, but only one PC who can enforce those rules. However it also has a number of PCSOs who often spot these things and could prevent danger and potentially save lives if they were allowed to act.’’

Across the County at the moment only warranted Police Officers can issue notices for offences like ‘wilful and unnecessary obstruction’, things like parking on the corner of a junction or blocking somebody’s driveway. However many areas have seen in a reduction of police officers in favour of PCSOs, who do not currently have that power.

He said he has contacted the County Council’s Parking Enforcement team, and has been told that their Officers are also unable to make judgements about dangerous and illegal parking. As a result, he says, the system in unenforceable;

Mr Spencer added: “We all know that parking at schools can be a huge problem, particularly Primaries where many of the children are too young to walk in alone.

“There are a number of schools in my constituency that have persistent issues that make nearby residents’ lives a misery.

“Again, one PC cannot be at all these schools at once.

“However if all PCSOs were able to enforce the rules then the Police would have eight or 10 times the capacity to deal with offences and prevent parking that potentially endangers young kids in these areas.

“I’ve written to the Chief Constable and asked him to consider that change, both to help local people and also help the Police to work more effectively.”