MP asks for £25,000 retraining grant for redundant Nottinghamshire mineworkers

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer
Sherwood MP Mark Spencer

Sherwood Conservative MP Mark Spencer says Nottinghamshire miners recently made redundant should get the same £25,000 payouts for retraining as Redcar steelworkers who have lost their jobs.

The MP is writing to the Government to ask if former mineworkers can be made eligible for the grant which is to be used for retraining purposes.

H told Chad this afternoon: “It has come to my attention that steelworkers at Redcar have been offered £25,000 each as a retraining grant.

“We did not get that at Thoresby.

“We have had job cuts and there are people who would benefit from that. It is only fair that they should be treated equally.

“If you work at a colliery you will have transferable skills which can be developed further.

“We have the National Grid training centre in Eakring, for example which they could take advantage of.”

He said he had written to Minister for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise, Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry and was waiting for a reply.