Motorists beware: Mansfield comes out top of the parking fine league

Ashgate Road car park
Ashgate Road car park

Mansfield is the top place in the East Midlands where motorists are likely to get a parking fine, research has revealed

The town came out top following a Freedom Of Information request by price comparison site into penalty charge notices issued.

Of the top three fining areas, Mansfield issued a total of 1,923 penalty charge notices, which accumulated a revenue of over £41.7k in the last three months alone.

The number one parking fine hotspot was Westfield Lane, one of the main roads leading out of the town.

A close second was East Lindsey, which slapped 1,898 penalty charge notices on motorists vehicles and generated a revenue of over £36.6k. Arcadia Car Park was the fining hotspot.

Then came the Rushcliffe region, which issued 1,475 fines with a revenue of just over £37.2k – the hotspot for fines the Bridgford Road Car Park in West Brigford.

Paying on average up to £70 per ticket, over 11,490 tickets have been issued in the last three months* across the top ten fining councils.

To see just how quickly officials were likely to issue the dreaded ticket to a vehicle with an expired ticket, the price comparison site also took to the streets around the UK to investigate.

The nation’s capital, London, came out on top with a Penalty Charge Notice being issued within just 12 minutes of a parking ticket expiring.

Simon McCulloch, Director at said: “Our parking fines hotspots have revealed that motorists need to be extra vigilant when it comes to something as simple as parking their vehicle correctly if they want to avoid a hefty fine. With Christmas on the horizon, £70 would go further in a gift for a loved one than it would in a parking ticket.”

Penalty Charge Notices can be issued for a number of reasons. It can be quite simply for parking somewhere you shouldn’t, failing to show a valid parking ticket, or displaying an expired ticket.

Other offences include breaking traffic rules, such as going against a ‘no right turn’ sign or driving in a bus lane.

Simon McCulloch added: “The cost of driving is getting more and more expensive, without having to face any extra, unexpected cost like a parking fine. As we embark on the festive period and face unfamiliar roads to visit friends and family, motorists should pay close attention – street signs can often be discreet and easy to miss, but the information should be clearly stated, and parking payment meters never too far away.

“If you do find yourself with a PCN, it’s worth checking your ticket, as you can often reduce the fee by half, simply by paying it within 7 or 14 days, depending on your local council.” issued FOIs to every council in the UK requesting the number of fines issued, the revenue generated, and the most popular street or carpark where fines are issued. Data was compiled based on 265 responses, looking at a period of three months.