Motorbike convoy at Tracy’s funeral

Tracy Hartshorn.
Tracy Hartshorn.

Ms Tracy Ann Hartshorn, aged 51, of Langford Road, Ladybrook, Mansfield, was buried following a service at St Mary’s Church, Ladybrook. A motorbike convoy followed the funeral procession.

A lifelong Mansfield resident, Tracy was a housewife, a hosiery worker and a cleaner at Tesco.

Her interests included spending time with her grandchildren, bike rallies and holidays in Devon.

Tracy who passed away at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, on October 22, 2017, leaves her partner Tony Betts, children Stacey Witham, Samantha Hartshorn, Ricky Hartshorn, four grandchildren.

Mourners were Mr T. Betts, Mrs S. Witham, Mr R. Witham, Miss S. Hartshorn, Mr R. Hartshorn, Mst J. Dallman, Mst R. Witham, Miss J. Morley, Miss M.B. Morley, Miss O. Butler, Mr R. Butler, Miss D. Bramwell, Mr M. Arbuckle, Mr M. Coalwood, Mrs P. Coalwood, Mrs C. Henshaw, Mr A. Henshaw, Mr S. Coalwood, Mrs M. Coalwood, Mr T. Coalwood, Mr S. Coalwood, Mr M. Williams, Mrs J. Williams, Miss V. Coalwood, Miss C. Coalwood, Miss K.M. Coalwood, Miss N. Coalwood, Miss M. Coalwood, Mr T. Price, Mr A. Deller, Mrs K. Dallman, Miss K. coupe, Mr D. Coalwood, Miss L. Cope, Mrs K.L. Holland, Mr C. Adey, Mrs S. Adey, Mrs S. Barnes, Mr R. Betts, Miss A. Wilson, Miss Y. Betts, Mr A. Simpson, Mr N. Betts, Mrs H. Betts, Mrs T. Kendall, Mr S. Kendall, Mrs S. Gripton, Mrs S. Barnes; Mrs S. Pickering (rep Holly); Mrs L. Drennon (rep Nat Prob Service), Mrs T. Stafford, Mr T. Wright, Mrs M. Adlington, Mrs M. Boot, Miss J. Boot, Mr and Mrs H. Wigman, Mr M. Eacott, Miss S. Mays, Miss S. Dallman, Miss C. Smith; Miss S. Calin (rep The Open Door Coffee Shop); D. Robinson (rep Rawsons Bakery), Miss L. Keen, Mrs S. Clay, Miss C. Minett, Miss S. Cotman, Mr and Mrs S. Gudelatjtis, Miss V. Gudelajtis, Miss J. Pettitt, Mr M. Hartshorn, Mr P. Brown, Mr K. Freestone, Mr P. Dring, Mr R. Wootton, Mr I. Barfoot, Mr M. Howorth, Mr S. Roberts, Mr I. Swain, Mr P. Belton, S. Kerry, E. Beniston, E. Storer, C. Handley, R. Abbott, T. Quinn, E. Quinn, M. Bearder, L. Mellor, J. Kyte, C. Raymond, J. Newton, P. Scotney, P. McCubbin, H. Mann, N. Smith, C. Chidlow, S. Chappell, N. Chappell, D. Sage, S. Stone, B. Smith, N. Purcicoe, C. Gillespie, A. Parker, J. Burke, A. Stewart, M. Burton, Mrs B. Hart, Mrs P. Sly, Miss L. Barnes, Ms L. Hindley, Miss A. Stevenson, A. Wilson, Mr K. Betts, Mrs J. Jennings, Mrs L. Hodkin, T. Sage, Mr D. Milbourne, Mrs T. Milbourne, S. Spencer, Ms T. Chandler; Mrs West (rep Intake Farm Primary School), Mr F. Bingley, Mrs M. Bingley, Mrs T. Ince, S. McCubbin, T. Lambert, S. Adey, M. Adey, D. Thomas, J. Alvey, S. Witham, J. Witham, D. Dallman, M. Colwood, S. Drewett, S. Drewett, Mr D. Johnson, Mr W. Wigman, Mr F. Bingley.

Floral tributes and donations were from family and friends, also Bold Forester.

The service was conducted by the Reverend John Burgess and arrangements were by Ivan Bramley.

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