Mother plans a Viking burial for her tragic son

Brenda Seal with daughter Lily who are looking for a suitable place for a viking burial for her son
Brenda Seal with daughter Lily who are looking for a suitable place for a viking burial for her son

A Mansfield Woodhouse mother is planning a unique send off for her son - with a Viking-style burial.

Brenda Seal, of Poplar Street, has been busy organising the building of a miniature longboat in which the ashes of her 25-year-old son, David Toney Windley, are to be placed and then burnt during a ceremony.

David died in March after falling in to a diabetic coma.

“Toney wanted a Viking burial, with a boat that is put on the water and burnt,” explained Brenda.

“We can’t really do it on water, but because he told me this, it’s something to concentrate on and has given me a little bit of peace because I’m doing this for him. He just really liked Vikings.

“I wanted to put a bit of love into it and everybody has helped, that to me was very important.

Known as ‘Hippy Dave’ by friends, he grew up in Mansfield Woodhouse, attending Manor School.

He was diagnosed with type one diabetes when he was 18.

However, his mother said he did not always take it seriously.

His cause of death was put down to diabetic ketoacidosis - a fatal lack of insulin.

And while Brenda is determined to give him the send off he wanted, she is struggling to find a suitable location and is appealing to the public to suggest a place where the ceremony can take place.

She said: “I want enough room for his family and friends, about 40 people, so we can say goodbye, but we can’t do it in our back yard, it’s not big enough.

“We want to have a bit of picnic, sing songs and tell stories about him.

“ We just need somewhere that’s large enough, and do it when the sun is going down.

“I don’t mind paying for the evening.”

Among those who have helped is Bredna’s young children, Lilly and Luan, David’s friends Lindsey Wheatcroft and Sereniel Louise Black, Brenda’s partner Dave Wollen and David’s step father, Shaun Seal.

Anyone wanting to get in touch can contact Brenda via email on