More school pupils in Mansfield and Ashfield receive first aid training

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More school pupils in Mansfield and Ashfield know how to use first aid in an emergency thanks to the Schools Liaison team of St John Ambulance Nottinghamshire.

It is six years since the leading first aid charity launched its schools programme, which trains children to be the difference in an emergency between a life lost and a life saved.

Since the Schools Liaison team began its work, over 60,000 pupils aged between seven and 18 in more than 175 Nottinghamshire schools, including schools in Mansfield and Ashfield, have learnt vital first aid skills.

Some have already put these life-saving skills into practice to help parents, friends and members of the public in an emergency.

Now St John Ambulance Nottinghamshire is inviting more schools to become involved, so that pupils, teachers and parents can learn first aid and health and safety skills, to keep both them and those around them safe.

‘’We want every pupil in Mansfield and the Ashfields to have access to first aid and health and safety training,’’ says Mo Costin, Commissioner Youth with St John Ambulance Nottinghamshire.

‘’First aid training helps young people understand the value of life and the importance of caring for others. It also builds self-esteem and develops valuable life skills for the future.”

When a school becomes involved, Schools Liaison Officer Darren Allcock and his assistant Barbara Robinson - pictured above - train teachers who prepare pupils for the Young First Aider certificate, as well as giving pupils the opportunity to put their skills into practice against teams from other Nottinghamshire schools.

Adds Mo Costin: ‘’We believe that no one should suffer for a lack of trained first aiders - and young people can be brilliant first aiders, if they are well trained.”

l For more information about the work of the Schools Liaison team, contact Darren Allcock at St John Ambulance Nottinghamshire on 07977 414456.