More officers tackle thefts

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Increased burglaries across the Hucknall area has prompted swift action by Nottinghamshire Police.

More officers have been dispatched from across the force to tackle the problem which is bringing swift results for the town.

“We are now using resources from the whole force giving us an additional eight PCSOs in Hucknall and the villages as part of Operation Scorpion patrols,” explained Hucknall’s police commander Insp Nick Butler.

“The team are patrolling burglary hot spots checking for insecurities giving residents advice and acting as a deterrant.”

A number of people have been arrested for burglary offences as a consequence of the police stepping up their patrols.

They will now be dealt with by the courts.

“There have been a number of significant arrests in recent days under operation Scorpion,” added Insp Butler.

“We have also put a number of our response officers back into the Tin Hat Centre at Selston.

“This is to enable a swifter response to incidents in that part of the district which has also seen an increase in burglaries.

“This has proved worthwhile in apprehending offenders red-handed.”