More misery for Sutton street after plan to paint yellow lines ‘on wrong side of the road’

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Residents have raised concerns after Notts County Council have proposed to paint double yellow lines to tackle obstructive parking, but only down one side of their narrow street.

Residents of Church Street, Sutton, said that parking restrictions down one side of the road would not solve the problem of restricted access for emergency vehcles and bin lorries.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous said: “I welcome double yellow lines, however I cannot understand the logic of where they have put them. The main cause for concern is the bin lorry being able to collect our waste and also access for emergency vehicles.

They added: “I think they either need to do the whole street or at least the entrance corner.”

This is the latest problem in a long line of parking issues for residents.

In November, members of St Mary Magdalene’s Church on Church Avenue got so fed up with parking blocking access to the church, they paid a contractor to paint double yellow lines in their car park, but said he got carried away and also painted double yellow lines along the narrow Church Avenue leading to the church.

The matter was referred to police following complaints to Nottinghamshire County Council.

At the time of publishing, Notts County Council had not yet commented.