More homes planned for Mansfield district - from terrace cottages to eco houses see where they could be

Planned homes in Warsop.
Planned homes in Warsop.

Almost 100 new homes from eco homes to terrace cottages could be built in Mansfield district if plans are approved.

A number of houses could be built on vacant grassland in Warsop.

Homes planned for Mansfield Woodhouse.

Homes planned for Mansfield Woodhouse.

An application has been submitted to Mansfield District Council to build 57 homes on the land off Sherwood Street.

The site would be "partially cleared of hedgerows" and access points would be created off Sherwood Street, Oakfield Lane and Little John Avenue, if the plans are passed.

The developers have also added in ecological points in the development.

Including, "using solar panels when possible", having storage for bikes, using rainwater to flush toilets and putting in electric charging points for cars.

The development could contain 33 three-bed homes, nine two-bed homes, seven four-bed homes and eight one-bed apartments.

Planning has also been submitted to the council to build seven "terrace cottages" on waste land used for parking in Mansfield Woodhouse.

The land of Grove Street could be turned into seven two bed terraces, which have one car spot each and gardens.

In the application a developer said: "The proposed is simplistic but attractive and comfortable to promote affordable sustainable living."