Money given to the needy

YOU are quite right when you describe the claims made by the Industrial Communities Alliance as astonishing - we don’t recognise any of their figures!The National Lottery has changed lives of people in every community across the UK.

We try to allocate the money according to need and since The National Lottery began in 1994, 28% of Lottery funding awarded in England has gone to the 10% most deprived local authority areas National Lottery distributors work hard to raise awareness of Lottery funding where low levels of applications are made.

My own organisation, BIG, recently established a 10-year programme, BIG Local, to create lasting change in 150 areas which have failed to access cash competitively by letting them decide where and how funding can be put to best use. Funding statistics can only tell part of the story.

They take no account of population density. Also, most national and regional charities are registered in big cities even though they do great work elsewhere.

The charity featured in your article is a good example - its grant is registered to its office in Nottingham even though it works throughout the county.

Incidentally, it is highlighted here as in desperate need of lottery cash when, in fact, it was given a £307,000 grant in June 2010 for a five year programme for its outreach service.

Peter Wanless

Chief Executive,

The BIG Lottery Fund.

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