Mixed reaction to recyling changes

Glass recycling
Glass recycling

Public opinion on changes to recycling has divided Ashfield residents.

Glass recycling boxes will be replaced with a wheelie bin, Ashfield District Council has announced.

The blue wheelie bin will have a capacity of 140 litres – up from the 44l or 55l boxes.

However, the number of collections will be reduced.

Collections will change from every four weeks to every eight weeks.

The council says the move will increase the amount of recycling across the district – and save the local authority about £47,000.

Suzanne Hutchinson said she was pleased with the decision as the boxes as difficult to lift.

Posting on your Chad’s Facebook page, she said: “It will be easier than carrying them boxes to the edge of the property.”

Alison James agreed and said: “I think it’s a good idea. I struggle with the blue box.”

However, many residents were unhappy with another wheelie bin – as some already have three.

There is a currently a red bin for household waste, a green bin for recyclables and an optional brown bin for garden waste.

Claire Buckley said: “Soon we will have more bins on our gardens than what’s at the rubbish tip itself.”

And Karin Hutchings asked “Where we supposed to put all these bins?”

Dawn Lounds said: “Yet another bin, really do not need them.”

Lisa Kirk said: “Where do they think we can fit them?

“We’ve only got a small garden.”

However, Kathleen Nelson Good said having the wheelie bin would “look neater than to see crates of bottles outside houses”.

Opposition councillors have opposed a decision by Ashfield District Council to introduce fees for garden waste collections from January.

If the new charge is imposed, residents will have to pay £28 a year for collections if they pay by direct debit, or £34 if they pay in another format.

Garden waste recycling has been free for two years after the council rolled out new 180-litre bins.

A scrutiny committee will now look into the decision to introduce the fee.