‘Mindless’ vandals ruin pitch at Meden Vale Rugby Club

Why would anyone do this?
Why would anyone do this?

The Warsop community have come together to condemn the “mindless” actions of vandals who ruined a pitch at Meden Value Rugby Club by repeatedly driving over it.

This is the second time vandals have broken into the community facility and damaged the grass after the same thing happened in February.

Junior training sessions along with a home game may have to be cancelled over the coming weeks while volunteers treat the grass with rollers.

Treasurer Chris Guy said his anger stemmed “not so much from the cost, but how the damage has affected players”.

He added: “The grass will hopefully recover, but if this keeps happening we are going to have to fork out thousands on extra security measures.

“It will take two to three weeks till the pitch is suitable, but that’s assuming it goes undisturbed.

“Otherwise, we’ll have to take action to prevent access to the pitch which we don’t really want to do. Installing a fence would be expensive even with volunteer labour.

“It looked like the damage was caused by a car, not by bikes. It’s just so mindless. I don’t know if someone’s getting a cheap laugh out of it, or whatever.

“But it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Commenting on a picture of the damage on the Warsop Community Group page, residents said they were “disgusted” by the vandalism.

Helen Bedford said: “That is terrible.

“Whoever has done it should be ashamed.”

Steve French branded the act “appalling” and Jennifer Thompson slammed the vandals as “selfish idiots”.

If you have any information that could help, contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or contact the rugby club via their website at: www.pitchero.com/clubs/medenvale.