Memory Lane photos spark memories

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The caption of the Memory Lane photo saying ‘The Civil Defence Observer Corps’ is incorrect.

The Civil Defence Corps and the Royal Observer Corps were two different entities. The former were a volunteer corps of the RAF, the latter were under the Home Office, we were also volunteers.

The Civil Defence Corps was disbanded in March 1968, the ROC continued for a good few years afterwards but is now also disbanded. Your picture shows two ROC observers in an Observation Post.

The box on the table is the Fixed Survey Meter (FSM) which measured external radioactive fallout. I served in Civil Defence from 1964 until 1968.

Steve Cook.

The photograph in Chad (7th November) is from the 1970 Blidworth Colliery firefighting team and is taken at what was the National Coal Board, North Nottinghamshire area, inter-colliery firefighting competition at the North Notts area training centre at Lound Hall. This competition consisted of each colliery sending a team to compete, with the best team winning the area cup.

Each coalfield area in the country held these competitions and it was a way of inspiring young miners. I was the captain of the Pleasley Colliery firefighting team from 1980 to 83 and our pit used to compete at North Derbyshire area training centre at Grassmoor.

Ivan Wardle.