Memories of Sutton Colliery to be revived

MEMORIES of Sutton Colliery are being revived at Brierley Forest Park on 21st February.

The Friends of Brierley Forest Park have been working with sculptor Robert Koenig to replace the stolen head of one of five statues which commemorate the miners who lost their lives in Sutton Colliery’s mining accident in 1957.

The event, which starts at 11am at the Brierley Visitor Centre, off Skegby Road, will include the unveiling of the completed statue with members of the miners’ families present, and the launch of the park’s new mining heritage leaflet.

Ashfield District Council has worked with A-Level Media students from Quarrydale School on a project capturing the mining history of Brierley Forest Park.

The work has resulted in posters for the Brierley Forest Park Visitor Centre, the leaflet and a DVD of local residents’ mining recollections.