Memorial service to be held for Amber Peat

Amber Peat
Amber Peat

A service to mark the first Christmas without Amber Peat will be held on Monday, December 14.

A woman who helped with the search for the missing Mansfield teenager wants people to come together at Amber’s Tree on Westfield Lane and remember the happy youngster she was.

Wendy Haggard, 47, from Creswell near Worksop, said: “I have a granddaughter and it pulled on my heartstrings knowing this would be the first Christmas the family won’t be celebrating with Amber so I wanted to show that she is not forgotten and people still care.”
After running away from home on May 30 this year, her body was found three days late and this is where Amber’s Christmas Candle Service will be held at 6pm.

There will be carols as well as guest appearances from Minnie Mouse and Santa followed by mince pies and drinks in the Ladybrook Pub.

Wendy added: “When I was involved in searching for it was a scary time because you are lifting things up and looking under things not knowing what you are going to find and dreading what you may see but it is nothing to how it must feel to lose a child.

“It is only because of my search that I have now become close to the family and they thought this service would be a lovely way to honour her memory.”