Melanie Wilson's dad furious after Notts coroners 'forgot' to inform about inquest

Melanie Wilson, left, pictured with friend Emma Walker.
Melanie Wilson, left, pictured with friend Emma Walker.

The family of Sutton woman Melanie Wilson have hit out against coroners who 'forgot' to inform them her inquest opening was rescheduled.

Melanie's inquest opening was set for March 7, but brought forward to February 27, after the family have waited four months for answers as to their daughter's death.

Her father, David Wilson, said it was 'horrible' when he found out the news of the opening through social media.

He said: "It was horrible, I had no knowledge at all it was brought forward.

"It hasn't been since. When this sort of thing that's on your mind you do want answers. It's taken a long time. It would have been courteous to be told."

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Melanie has been confirmed to die after toxicology reports found she had consumed an antidepressant and insomnia medication - the inquest conclusion on April 25 will draw a verdict on the circumstances and cause of her death.

Best friend, Emma Walker is calling for an apology from Nottingham Coroners' Service after the reported

The mum-of-two said: "We are all devastated, No-one was there at all, we all had to read it on Facebook. Personally I think there should be a written apology for David. It feels like a kick in the teeth.

"Melanie's never out my mind. These past two weeks have been the worst for me it's finally sinking in that I'm never going to see her again."

Nottingham Coroners' Service was approached for comment but is yet to respond.

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