Meale Ticket: MP is hit with traffic violation...but he doesn’t mind

Sir Alan Meale MP
Sir Alan Meale MP

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale says he is so eager to speak regularly with the town’s new mayor...that he didn’t even mind when he was hit with a parking fine during one recent meeting.

Mr Meale left his car in the Civic Centre car park off Mansfield’s Rosemary Street in order to meet with recently-elected mayor, Kate Allsop.

But he failed to obtain the one-hour free parking ticket from the machine, and was clocked by an eagle-eyed attendant who served him with a fixed penalty notice.

The fine - which Mr Meale says he had not looked at - could either be £50 or £70.

A discount of up to 50 per cent is possible if paid within 14 days, and if not paid within 28 days of being issued, it could rise to £105.

Mr Meale says he is happy to pay the fine, as long as communications can remain open between himself and the new mayor.

Mr Meale has publicly argued with former mayor Tony Egginton, who blame each other for the lack of meetings during Mr Egginton’s three terms of office.

Mr Meale said: “I’ve never had a problem with meeting the mayor, I got the parking ticket but it doesn’t matter.

“I’ll pay it whatever it is - I had to be in London so I was only in there 40 minutes, but that’s fine, I’m happy to pay it.

“I didn’t realise you needed the ticket!”

New mayor Kate Allsop recently outlined her vision for Mansfield, and was eager to meet regularly with the Labour MP to work together for the good of the town, despite Mayor Allsop being an independent candidate.

Tony Egginton also served as an independent, but rarely spoke with the MP.

He recently told Chad that after he defeated Mr Meale in the 2007 mayoral election, the pair rarely spoke, labelling Mr Meale ‘disgraceful in defeat’.

Mr Egginton claimed that ‘he did not want to work with me after that’.

But this has been rebutted by Mr Meale, who called the claims ‘absolute nonsense’ and said he would ‘meet with the devil himself if it was for Mansfield’.

He later added: “This is like after death, he leaves the job and is still saying it.”