Mayoral Commission for Warsop is released today

Mansfield mayor Kate Allsop
Mansfield mayor Kate Allsop

A Mayoral Commission for Warsop, one of the driving forces behind a bid to revitalise the parish has been published today.

The recommendations of the commission which was the brainchild of Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop brought together community leaders, Mansfield MP Ben Bradley and agency representatives.

When the commission was set up last March Mayor Allsopp said she was determined to oversee the regeneration of Warsop, a parish with a population of about 12,000.

The Commission discussed topics such as housing, roads, leisure, health, bus services and economic growth, and it is hoped it can prove a catalyst for new homes, jobs, shops and community facilities in the area.

Mayor Allsop said: “I am really pleased with the report, it has taken a little longer than we thought to get it published.

“There are some excellent recommendations and I would like to thank the commission chairman and commissioners for all their dedication. I am looking forward to working with partners and stakeholders to bring forward the recommendations.”

Link to report:

The report released today (Thursday March 29) states:

The Commission considers that the following are the most urgent and important recommendations, which should therefore be implemented with all possible speed:


A long-term plan for all future housing needs in the Parish should be devised and adopted, to include a determination of:

1.1 the need for affordable housing, (Action required by MDC, NCC, WPC, CCG)

1.2 an assessment of the infrastructure required to support them. (MDC,NCC, WPC, CCG)


CCG should: 2.1 redouble its efforts to recruit sufficient medical staff of all suitable qualifications to meet the existing and prospective needs of the community,

2.2 ensure that all its surgeries adapt their practices to reflect modern and evolving needs of the community. (CCG)


3.1 Parking should be seen not as a revenue source but as a means of attracting customers and business to the shopping centre. (MDC)

3.2 Additional or alternative methods of controlling the speed and flow of traffic in and around the Parish should be introduced. (NCC)


4.1 The Robin Hood Line should be extended to Edwinstowe, with the reintroduction of the passenger station in Warsop. (MDC, NCC, WPC)

4.2 Use of the Community Bus should be expanded to provide a service to the members of the community, rather than be restricted to use by groups.



5.1 No effort should be spared to inspire the young people of the Parish to be ambitious in their aspirations, and to encourage them to realise their full potential in life. (Meden School)

5.2 Local businesses should engage with schools in the Parish, and schools

should be receptive


6.1 Innovative packages should be made available to attract new business to the Parish. (MDC, NCC)

6.2 An additional supermarket should be enticed into the Parish. (MDC, WPC)

6.3 If it is found on investigation that it would be viable, a Warsop “BID” should be established. (MDC, WPC)

6.4 WPC should appoint/nominate a person to research funding opportunities

throughout the life and activities of the Parish, and to assist community

groups and any other relevant bodies to pursue applications for such

funds. (WPC)


7.1 The re-development of the MSC should be given the highest priority.


7.2 Additional outdoor activity equipment should be provided to assist in the

promotion of healthy living, increased life expectancy, and a reduction of

the need for medical treatment. (MDC, NCC)

A full report of the findings of the commission will be published in the Chad next week.