Mayor's pledge over new Pleasley estate

MANSFIELD mayor Tony Egginton has promised residents of Pleasley Hill that work on the area's new housing estate will begin within the next 18 months.

The controversial proposals to flatten around 180 houses on Hillmoor Street, Clarence Street and Chesterfield Road North to make way for a brand new estate were outlined at a public meeting at Pleasley's Hillmoor Street Centre on Thursday.

And Mansfield District Council bosses used the meeting to reassure residents that their needs would be catered for 'to the nearest possible degree' during the project.

Some householders fear that families will be rehoused in low-demand areas like Mansfield's Brownlow Road or Bellamy Road while the new estate is being built.

But council chiefs told the meeting that, while temporary rehousing could not be ruled out completely, the project would use 'selective demolition' — meaning workmen would demolish and rebuild a block at a time, allowing residents to move straight from their old property to a new one in the same area.

Householders have now been given questionnaires as part of a consultation process to find out exactly what they want.

Speaking after the meeting, housing regeneration manager Don Smith told Chad: "If necessary, all residents of Pleasley will be able to remain in the area. But the next step is finding out exactly what the people want, and how we can meet those needs."

Mr Egginton told the meeting that the regeneration project was essential because all housing estates have to conform with the 2010 'Decent Homes' standards set by the Government and only a handful of houses in the proposed regeneration area already meet these standards.

Residents were also informed that anybody who has been a tenant for more than a year in a property due to be demolished will be eligible for compensation of around 3,400.