Mayor’s legacy: A damaged and scared town

Quoting George Clarke from his Property Scandal programme “It seems to me, that it’s the property developers that have got all the power, all the clout, and the councils are just bowing to any demand that they make. Surely the councils responsibility is to look after the community, they should be looking after people and not the developers.”

Under the elected Mayor’s leadership Mansfield has suffered from a council that has continually ignores the wishes of the people of Mansfield. His legacy will be a scared and damaged town, which will take far longer to recover than the 10 years he has spent as the incumbent; some things, such as the loss of valuable arable land to a golf course will be un-recoverable, as highlighted by Mark Spencer MP; the damage to businesses and tourism caused by the mess at the Old Shoe Factory, will not be measured or accounted for. The Mayor has clearly nailed his colours to the mast of the developers ship and the sooner he relinquishes his crown the sooner the mending process can begin.

As far Punch and Judy politics goes, it is typical that he should try to deny someone the right to free speech.

Martin Bell,

Mansfield Woodhouse.